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WSB-CB9 Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System

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Description new-generation portable color Doopler ultragound system from Sonootar , which is based on advanced PC platform and integrated with new clinical ultrasonography solutions
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WSB-CB9 Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System


Application: Abdomen, OB/GYN, Small Parts, Cardiology, Emergency, Veterinary, 3D

Style: Portable

Types: Color Doppler

Standard Configuration
Convex Probe

Advanced lmaging Technologies
Phase-inversion Harmonic Imaging + Frequency Compound Imaging Ensure excellent penetration and more delicated 2D imagine
-Spatial Compound Imaging
Comoound the images taken from my ple scanring and to reduce artifact notel and improve imans or
Monitor Adjustable up to 90 " Compact Desige Bulli-in Lithium Battery
. Speckie Reduction Technology
Reduce speckie noise to improve imaon qualitu
Muliple Imaging Modes
B/C/PW/PDUM morte Duplex & Triplex Imaging. Wide-anale Steer Scenning Imaging, Panoramic
imeoing Trapezoid imaoing Anatomic M Mean ridor Mode Tesue Dopoler imaoing 30/4D maging
Doneler English
He were supported to chinaller . Your is improve the resolution and sensilovity of color flow
Multi-Beam Formation Technology
Back lighted Operation Panel
Auto Measurement of Intima-media Thickness ( IMT )
Easy operation imork efficiency
One-key Image Optimization
Automatically adjust imadion cargmeters to octimize impoes with one key
Dual Transducer Connectors
Clinical Images
Vanous VO Ports

Optional Information,
3.5Mhz Convex Probe, 2-5mhz
Applications: Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Regional nerve block,
Procedure and Biopsy guidance

6.5Mhz Transvaginal Probe, 5-8 mhz
Applications:   Obstetrics, gynecology

7.5Mhz linear Probe, 5-10 mhz
Applications:   Breast, small parts, nerve, vascular, venous access,
musculoskeletal, biopsy guidance

5Mhz micro-convex probe; 2-8 mhz
Applications:   Abdominal, Urology, vascular,Pediatric cardiology, pediatric abdominal, neonatal heads,Small animal

3.5Mhz Phase Array probe,
Applications: Cardiac

Suitable for portable and handheld ultrasound model,   
Gross Weight: 35kg, Package Size: 87*54*37cm

Video printer, SONY UP897

Video printer, Mitsubishi P93C

B/W Laser Printer,
Color Laser Printer
Inkjet Printer
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G.W: 20kg

Packing Size: 0m,0m,0m

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