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WSL-SCOUTV chemistry analyzers for small laboratories

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Description 7” touch screen  7 standard filters  Built-in thermal printer,USB for external printer  Back spectro photometry
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WSL-SCOUTV chemistry analyzers for small laboratories


Type: Semi Auto

Size: Tabletop Type

7” touch screen
7 standard filters
Built-in thermal printer,USB for external printer
Back spectro photometry

1,Back spectro photometry, 7 hard membrane filters, separate signal process circuit for each wavelength, filters select completed electronically, no mechanical movement
2,Hermetic solid-state optical system, low contamination of dust and dampness, long life time of hard membrane filters
3,Titanium alloy flow cell with small capacity and minimize cross-contamination
4,200000 patients test data and 300 test programs can be saved
5,Adopt 7” touch screen,800*400 pixels

Technical Specifications:
1,Analysis method:        kinetics, end point, two point
2,Light source:            halogen lamp 12V/10W
3,Optical system:        340-800nm
4,7 standard filter:        340, 405, 492, 510, 546, 578, 630nm wavelength, accuracy:±2nm
5,Abs range:            0.000-4.000Abs, resolution: 0.001Abs
6,Flow cell:            titanium quartz alloy, 32uL; optical path: 10mm
7,Temperature:            PELTIER elements, 25℃,30℃,37℃, Room,±0.1℃
8,Precision:            error<1%, drift<5mAbs/hr
9,Printer:                thermal printer, 57mm width paper
10,Display:                7” touch screen,800×400 pixels
11,CPU:               Samsung S5PV210, CortexTM-A8, 1GHz
12,Memory:            DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB Flash: 4GB
13,Interface:            3 USB ports ,1 RS232 serial port
14,Dimensions:            400(L)x290(W)x165(H)mm

Working Conditions:
Temperature:             10℃-30℃
Humidity:             30%-80%
Power supply:         AC100-240V,50/60Hz

Main Test Items List:
Liver function:       ALT   AST   ALP   T-BIL   D-BIL   TP   ALB   TTT CHE   Nh3   γ-GT
Renal function:         BUN   CRE   UA   CO2-CP
Lipids:               T-CHO   TG   HDL-C   LDL-C
Cardiac function:       CK   CK-MB   LDH   HDBH

Others:               GLU   K   Na   Cl   Ca

Shipping Information:

G.W: 10kg

Packing Size: 0.5m,0.4m,0.25m

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