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WSX-00C202 High Frequency DR Xray Machine

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WSX-00C202 High Frequency DR Xray Machine


1.1 Accuracy and dosage repeatability are ensured by applying a modular high-frequency high-voltage generator, kV-based closed-loop control, mAs-based digital closed-loop control and real-time microprocessor control.
1.2 Two Button kV and mAs Adjustment.
1.3 Considering that different radiographic parameters relate to various body parts of the human body, positions and types for adults and children are set. Users can modify these parameters.
1.4 The X-ray source assembly is installed on a movable U-arm which can move up and down, adjust the focus-screen distance and rotate around the center of U-arm, thus realizing omni-directional radiography.
1.5 Multiple automatic protections and fault indication functions increase the instrumentation’s safety and reliability.
1.6 17″*17″ detector.
1.7 3k*3k detector acquisition matrix.
1.8 Image storage format: DICOM.
1.9 Adaptive image enforcement.
1.10 Image post-processing.
1.11 DICOM3.0 protocol supported.

2. Product Application

This product can be used for digital X-ray radiographic examinations of patients’ chests, abdomens, bones and soft tissues.

3. Product Classification

This Product is a Class I device with Type B IPXO applied part and protection class. It cannot be used in combination with a mixture of flammable anesthetic gas and air or any mixture containing oxygen or nitrous oxide. It is a fixed device that requires permanent installation.

4. Working Environment

4.1 The equipment room covers an area of not less than 24m2 (259 ft2) and a height of not less than 3.1m (10.2 ft). Radiography rooms require 2mm of lead-equivalent protective thickness.
4.2 Ambient temperature: +10℃~+40℃
4.3 Relative humidity: 30%~75%
4.4 Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa~1060hPa
4.5 No corrosive and explosive gases and dust produced.
Note: The area and height of any equipment room and protection facilities contained within must pass any relevant national department’s safety test.

5. Working Power Supply

5.1 Power voltage: 380V, 3-phase distribution. The grid voltage fluctuation must not exceed ±10% of nominal value.
5.2 Power frequency: 50/60Hz±1Hz
5.3 Power resistance: ≤0.44Ω
5.4 Power capacity: 4kVA (long-term), 40kVA (instantaneous)
5.5 Overcurrent release characteristics: 40A
5.6 Power connections are provided with circuit breakers that can disconnect all poles from the power grid at the same time.
5.7 Good protective ground terminals are provided. Ground resistance must be less than 1Ω. Reliable connection to the protective ground is ensured.

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