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WSS-AED-T Defibrillator Trainer AED Machine with CE

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Description 1.three-step defibrillation process 2.two-button operation 3.extensive voice and visual prompts for the operator 4.biphasic energy output 5.lock-out protection to prevent inadvertent defibrillation
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WSS-AED-T Defibrillator Trainer AED Machine with CE

The WSS-AED-T Trainer is a training tool for preparing emergency responders to use the defibrillator to treat a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The Trainer provides realistic simulation of the defibrillator without actually charging or discharging electrical energy. Voice prompts, simulated energy delivery, pauses for CPR, Training Pads, and the functional system status indicator all accurately mimic the operation of the defibrillator and provide a realistic demonstration.
1.Nine different scenarios are available.
2.Multiple language selections are available.
3. Hand-held IR remote control allows instructors to change training sessions.

Technology Parameters:
Batteries (Trainer)CR123A-4x2 12V d.c. 2.8Ah
Battery life (Trainer)Approximately 200 hours
Battery (remote control)3V Lithium (CR2025)
Battery life (remote control)Approximately two years
Number of training scenarios9
LanguagesChinese   English   Turkish
Storage temperature without batteries-30°C to 70°C
Operating temperature0°C to 50°C
Weight without batteries1.0 kg
Weight with batteries1.6 kg
Dimensions11.93 X 8.50 X 3.50 in (303 x 216 x 89 mm )

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