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WSLHZ01 automated tablet pill counter pharmacy counting machine

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Description Advanced Pills counting machine, can use in different sizes tablet pill and capsule, it has three different counting models, can work in different situations. More advanced then USA RX brand machine, but much cheaper than that.
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WSLHZ01 automated tablet pill counter pharmacy counting machine

Counting Speed : Max 1000 pieces/Munites
Module to Count for Pill Counter:

Single Mode(SGL)
Use this mode to count a pre-determined number of tablets and dispense into the top drawer. When the top drawer is removed, excess tablets on the turntable will drop into the bottom drawer.
Multiple Mode(MULTI)
Use this mode for counting multiple quantities from the same batch. When the top drawer containing the pre-determined count is removed, excess tablets will remain on the turntable. Insert collection drawer and Press START to perform additional counts. To clear turntable after last count, leave top drawer out and press CLEAR/INVENTORY/START.
Inventory Mode(INV)
Use this mode to count an entire amount of tablets. The HSPI will count up to 1,000 and restart at 1.(Do not set quantity)
(Except in INVENTORY Mode) Press CLEAR and set quantity using the Key Pad.
Press START.
Turn Gate Adjustment Knob slowly counterclockwise, just wide enough for tablets to pass through in single file. Adjust Separator Tab on track arm UP for large tablets and all capsules; DOWN for smaller, flat sizes to prevent overriding.
Max Identifying Number: 9999 pieces
Way to sense: Infrared multi-point induction
Counting way: Rotating Count
Power: 110/220V; 50/60Hz; 50W
Size:   L280*W300*H180(mm)

1, Our machine difference between ours and USA brand RX-4 electronic pill counter ?
our machine is the advancer model than RX-4 model electronic pill counter, we produce this machine according to theirs, but improve something based on their functions.
Comparing with their machine ,our electronic pill counter advantages are as following,
1,more quick speed to count and more accurancy.   
2,our machine can stop automatic when it is without pills on the machine, but theirs can't do this.   
3,Ours max pills capability is 9999, but theirs can be only 999.   
4,ours power is from 110v to 240v , but theirs can only be 110v

2, Can the electronic pill counter provide unique vial size indicator displaying the correct container size for every batch counted?
We have one funnel which can adjust to different size vial, Attached the picture of funnel.

3, Can it reset into zero when return the tray after pouring the tablets into the vial?
Yes, no problem.

4, Can it beep if it detects a partial tablet that is less than approximate 25% of a whole tablet?
It won't beep. it maybe ignore and drop into indicator. if the size is still big enough, it will be counted as one time.

5, Can it provide inventory mode to conduct a physical inventory or to count a large number of tablets that may exceed the capacity of the tray?
We suggest you add the suitable quantity firstly, then add the rest when it is almost finished counting.
The size of tray is   Diameter 22cm, Depth 1 cm, attached the picture of that,please check.
For the pills which is 3mm diameter, it can put around 700 pieces in one time.
You can calculate the quantity number according to your pills size.

6, Can it provide special mode to count unique or odd-shaped tablets or tablets with holes?
Yes, No problem.

7, Does it comply with IEC60601-1/IEC61010-1?
Can't understand this, just as our said, this machine already sold in market for almost 8 years, its matured technology. and its electric products,not belongs to medical equipment, it doesn't request CE or FDA if you only ship one or two units to Europe or USA.

8, Can it be faster, like counting approximately 15 tablets/sec?
The max speed is 800 pieces/ minute

9, Tablet size requirement: minimum 3mm, maximum 22x19mm?
3mm is ok, but 22*19mm is too big.

10,   Count capacity: at least up to 9999?
Yes, no problem.

11, Does the operating noise lower than 70 decibels?
Yes, no problem.

12, Max Size and Minimum Size which can be counted by this machine
Max Diameter of head is 1.8cm,   Minimum Diameter of head is 0.25cm

Shipping Information:

G.W: 6kg

Packing Size: 0.46m,0.4m,0.3m

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