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WSL-8800 Automated cell counter
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Description: We supply automated cell counter with china factory price and high quality with CE, FDA, ISO certificate, we already had many customers from your country. Fast Shipping, Long Warranty, Local Post service. Check it now, get discount now.
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WSL-8800 Automated cell counter

Features for automated cell counter,:
Can be Open and Closed reagent System.
Open Reagent system will be suitable for any brand reagent, like Mindray, Beckmen and others.
Can be done OEM service, put your logo on the machine.

3-part differentiation of WBC, 23 parameters, single channel counter ,up to 35 samples test per hour
Volume measurement by time ,not wrong warning
Adanced valve technology,long life
RS232 interface, PC connecting

Electrical resistance for counting and SFT method of hemoglobin
Low sample consumption : venous 9.8 ul, capillary 9.8 ul, pre-diluted 20 ul for twice testing one time
8.4” color TFT, Windows interface all testing parameter displayed simultaneously
Windows operation system graphical buttons mouse and keyboard operation
Double convolution and intelligent fitting
Automatic diluting , Mixing , rinsing and clog clearing

Automatically sample probe cleaning (inside and outside)
Large storage capacity: up to 10,000 samples +3 histograms
Internal thermal-sensitive printer or external printer.
RS232 interface, PC connecting


DILUENT,   2L (can be offer freely, please remind us. if without remind, we wont ship it)
RINSE,      1L (can be offer freely, please remind us. if without remind, we wont ship it)
LYSER,   200ML (can be offer freely, please remind us. if without remind, we wont ship it)
CONDENCE RINSE, 50ML (can be offer freely, please remind us. if without remind, we wont ship it)

Our Reagent Expire time is ONE AND HALF YEAR
The is liquid, it is difficult to ship by air. we suggest you buy several sets then   ship together by sea.
Or you can also buy other brand Reagent from your native market.
Following Reagant brand can be used in our machine also,
Mindray, Beckman, RANDOX, SFRI and other international reagent brand

Everage Reagent Consumption

install machinery :   Diluent :   56 ml     RINSE : 12 ml    lyser : 8 ml
power on             :   Diluent :   32 ml      RINSE :   12 ml    lyser : 8 ml
power off            :   Diluent :   6 ml      RINSE :   0 ml    lyser :   0 ml
test one time       :   Diluent :   35 ml      RINSE:   6 ml     lyser : 0.6 ml

Main Technical Specifications for automated cell counter

Methodology: Electrical resistance for counting, hemoglobin cyanide method and SFT method for hemoglobin
Parameter: 3-part differentiation of WBC; 20 parameters and 3 color histograms (WBC, RBC, PLT)
Work mode : Single Channel + unique Hemoglobin test system
Sample volume: 9.6μL for Venous and capillary mode, 20μL for pre-diluted mode
Throughput: More than 35 samples per hour, operate 24 hours a day, auto sleeping and waking-up functions
Storage: up to 100000 sample results including histograms can be stored, convenient for inquiry and management of history data
Operation langue: English, Chinese
QC control : X-B, L-J, X , SD, CV %
Reference Value Setting : Male , Female, Children, Neonate
Alarm : 25 test of alert messages
Input / output : RS232, parallel printer and keyboard
Print : Graphic thermal printer with various printing format,   optional external printer
Temperature : 18℃ - 30℃,wet ≤ 10-90%
Power supply : 220 V ±22 VAC, 50±1Hz
Dimension : 33 CM ( L ) * 38 CM ( W ) * 43 CM ( H )
Weight : 20 KG

Precision for automated cell counter

Parameters                 linear range            CV %
WBC( 10 9 / L )              0.0 - 99.9              ≤2%
RBC ( 1012 / L )              0.0 - 9.99             ≤1.5%
MCV ( fL )                  40-150                ≤0.5%   
PLT ( 10 9 / L )              0-999                  ≤4.0%
HGB( g/L )                 0.0-300.0               ≤1.5%

Parameters for automated cell counter

WBC, Lymph#, Mid#, Gran#, Lymph%, Mid%, Gran%, RBC, HGB,HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV,PDW,PCT,L-PCR
3 –histograms : WBC,RBC and PLT

Test Report Sample

Customers Reviews for automated cell counter

Package for automated cell counter

Standard Blank carton package with foam protection for the machine.

We supply different types of cell counter hematology cbc system which with auto differential functions, cbc machine with auto diff, also the platelets automated count machine.
All our cell counter Hematology cbc machine are with English Language, some models are with French language, also Spanish and other Language.
and all of our cell counter are good quality with CE, ISO certificate, already sold to America and Europe and other countries.
and we can customize Open system for our cbc with auto differential machines, you can use reagent which can be available from your native market. Like Mindray, Beckman, RANDOX, SFRI and other international reagent brand. these reagent is more easy to get from your native country. it will save money for the shipping cost, and save time to get reagent.
Our distributors in your country can support you the post service for these machine, then when any questions about the cell counter Hematology cbc Analyzer, you can get support quickly.

Shipping Information:

G.W: 25kg

Packing Size: 0.54m,0.47m,0.65m

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