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WSL-800 3 Part diff haematology cell counter

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WSL-800 3 Part diff haematology cell counter

Throught: More than 60 samples per hour, double chamber testing

3-part diff of WBC:19 parameters+3histograms

2sample modes:whole blood and prediluted

Automatic diluting, lysing, mixing, rinsing and clog-clearing

Automatic sample probe cleaning

Up to 35,000 sample result (including histogram) can be restored

Built-in thermal recorder, optional external printer

Reagent expired alarm

Color LCD display

haematology cell counter Easy to use

Auto diluting

Just press start button, result will be ready in one minute

haematology cell counter High reliable safty

Optional cap piercing protects the operator from biohazard

Floater volume metering

In volume metering, iCell-800 adopts two combined technology, i.e. floater metering and time monitor, thus to ensure the accuracy of measurement and calculation.

Large color LCD displayer

WBC、RBC、PLT histogram adopts advanced floating discriminator technology to secure the accuracy of counting and differentiation. Large color LCD display all result and histograms.

23 Parameters (including 3 histograms) for haematology cell counter

WBC、 Lymph# 、 Mid #、 Gran#、 Lymph%、   Mid%、 Gran% 、RBC、 HGB、 HCT、 MCV 、MCH、 RDW-CV、 RDW-SD、 PLT、 MPV、 PDW、 PCT、 P-LCR and Histogram for WBC、RBC、PLT

Principle: Electrical resistance for counting and photometric method for HGB.

Quantitative way: Independent volume quantitative techniques

Clinical function: Three part-differ, 19 parameters+3 histograms

Sample volume:9~20μL whole blood or Peripheral blood which can be adjustbale

Test Mode: Doubel channel test + Independent test system for HGB

Throught: More than 60 samples per hour

Sampler module:

Using synchro belt ways of injector structure, make more accuracy while add more sample; auto clean sample probe both inside and outside

Operating System: WINDOWS CE

Operating ways: carrying Chinese panel button, keyboard, mouse operate

Reagent Volume for haematology cell counter

Diluent:≦22ml/ per sample

Lyse:≦0.5ml/per sample

EZ-cleaner:2ml/per day

Memory: More than 35,000 results

Quality control methods: X-B, L-J map

Calibration: Manual calibration and auto calibration

Reference setting: General, Grown Man, Grown Woman, Children, Neonate


WBC 2.0%

RBC 1.5%


PLT 4.0%

MCV 0.5%

Anti-clog function:

Intelligent Prevention, auto and manual operation auto flushing and high pressure burn, block clearing.

Operating interference: Fully English

Information editor:

No need to connect the computer can input the name of hostipal, patient name

Display screen: 10.4" LCD can display fully result and three colorful histogram, 600x800 resolution ratio

Alert: 25sets of alert message

Self-diagnostic pack:

auto-test, auto calibration, alert promote information, can be storage, printing

Reagent liquid level: Open reagent

Input and output port:

2 USB port(Keyboard, Mouse),parallel,RS232 port(Can connect to internet), printing port

Printing report: Graphic thermal printer with printing format, optional external printer

Operating environment

Temperature: 10-35℃


Power: AC110-240V,60/50HZ,2A,SMPS



Efficient:Can do the sample test while printing, impoving the operating speed of the machine.

Cap piercing: Optional cap piercing.

Shipping Information:

G.W: 30kg

Packing Size: 0.45m,0.4m,0.5m

Certificate for haematology cell counter


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