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WSE512B 12 channel 12 leads ECG EKG Monitor machine

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WSE512B 12 channel 12 leads ECG EKG Monitor machine

Product Features :
Portable, delicate design, easy to cooperate.
Accurate pulse pace identification; High accuracy digital filter & auto baseline adjustment. 12 leads synchronously acquisition and record; recording mode 3ch+++, 6ch, 6ch+, 12ch Four working modes : Auto / Man / R-R Rhythm / Storage.
800x480 graphic, 9 inch color touch LCD to display ECG information
400 patient cases storage and replay ( internal SD card is optional ).
With freeze function of freezing 12 seconds ECG.
210mmx20m, roll paper, high resolution thermal printing ( optional for   Z-fold paper ) . Rechargeable Li-ion battery supports long time continuous work.
Rs232 and USB port support USB flash storage and laser printer printing.
PC ECG management software is optional.
Measurement : 310mm x 278mm x 76mm, 3.0kgs.


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G.W: 5kg

Packing Size: 0.43m,0.37m,0.22m

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