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WS-B23 Three Parts Hematology Analyzer Double Channels
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WS-B23 Three Parts Hematology Analyzer Double Channels

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Three Parts Hematology Analyzer Double Channels

* 23 parameters. Throughput:>60T/H

* 10.4’’ TFT LCD

* High accuracy technology for blood proc

essing, only 9.6µL blood sample

* Storing 40 thousand samples. Operated by mouse & keyboard

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1. Advanced Design   Excellent Performance

* 9.6µL venous blood sample, 9.6µL anticoagulant capillary blood, 20µL prediluted capillary blood. One time blood sampling could make two tests under predilted mode.

* Intelligent float discriminator. Manual adjust supported

* Dual swirling flow and intelligent fitting technology to ensure reliable PLT counting

* Module design, separate hydraulic part and circuit, enhanced anti-interference function

* Automatic washing of inside and outside surface of probe

* Alarm hint if reagent volume is short

2. Simple Operation    Low Cost

* Automatic dispense, Automatic making dilution inside of instrument, Automatic testing, Automatic cleaning

* Windows color operation interface and operated by mouse & keyboard

* Adjustable probe. Many kinds of blood sampling container

* Automatic sleep and wake up function

* Low reagent consumption and low cost

3. Convenient Maintenance   Safety & Eco-protection

* Automatic & Intelligent function of diagnosis and maintenance

* Soak, back & forth flush, real time monitoring function of high pressure burning and automatic block-clearing

* Perfect self checking function, Automatic cleaning tubes during power on and power off for reducing the rate of blockage

* Fan Shape door for easy maintenance

* Eco-friendly design of built-in reagents, saving spce and reducing the rate of reagent contamination

* No cyanide reagents for Eco-protection

4. Perfect Quality     Traceable Results

Manual and automatic calibration available

* Boasts management system for quality control, nine kinds of control files. Mean value, SD value, CV value are provided. Automatic drawing L-J graph

* Provide relevant blood control and calibrator

* Furnished with original reagents

* ISO9001, CMD, CMC and CE approved

1. Display all the parameters and three histograms in one screen.

2. Several groups of reference values setting

3. Automatic storing 40 thousand samples. Combined search mode as per many conditions

4. Venous blood 9.6µL, anticoagulant capillary blood 9.6µL, prediluted capillary blood 20µL, convenient and reliable blood sampling

5. Eco-protection designed built-in reagent system, saving space and decrease the rate of contamination

Technical Specifications:

Function: Automated WBC 3-differential, 23 parameters with 3 histograms(WBC, RBC, PLT)

Principal: Electronic impedance, SFT method for hemoglobin

Testing Channel: Two channels testing, WBC/HHGB channel and RBC/PLT channel

Parameters: WBC, LYM#, MID#, GRAN#,LYM%,MID%, GRAN%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, PCT, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, MPV, PDW, P-LCR and WBC, RBC, PLT three histograms

Throughput: >60T/H, 24 hours switch on, automatic sleep and wake up function

Sampling Mode: Optional venous blood, anticoagulant blood and prediluted blood

Sample Volume: Whole blood ≤9.6µL, capillary blood ≤9.6µL, prediluted capillary blood ≤20µL, the sample volume for repeating two times testing and avoiding second sampling

Working Mode: Automatic sampling, detecting automatic testing, furnished with dilutor, no need diluting outside. Automatic dispensing lyse and making second diluting automatically

Block-clearing: Soak and washing back and forth. Real time monitoring function of high pressure burning and automatic block-clearing. Boast the function of monitoring incomplete blockage

Alarm: Automated system diagnosis, self testing, fault alarm and reagent shortage alarm

Automated Maintenance: Automated washing during power on and power off, reducing the blockage rate

Storage: Adopting 2G SD card memory. Automatic storing 40 thousand samples with all parameters and 3 histograms. Combined search mode as per many conditions

Control Mode: Boasts management system for quality control, nine kinds of control files. Mean value, SD value, CV value are provided. Automatic drawing L-J graph. Provide matched blood control

Calibration Mode: Automatic calibration and manual calibration

Reference Value Setting: Man, Woman, Children, Baby and General etc.

Performance:        Repeatability Error                Linearity Range

WBC                  <2.0%                          0.0~99.9×109/L

RBC                  <1.5%                          0.00~9.99×1012/L

HGB                  <1.5%                          0~300g/L

MCV                  <0.4%                          40~150fL

HCT                  <1.0%                          0.0~100.0%

PLT                   <4.0%                          0~999×109/L

Carry Over: RBC, WBC, HGB<0.5%, PLT<1.0%

Operating Interface: Colorful Windows interface, no need connecting computer. Operating by graphic button with mouse and keyboard

Display: Big size 10.4’’ TFT LCD, all parameters and histograms displayed in the same screen

Print Mode: Internal high-speed thermal printer. Optional connection with specified external printer. English printouts

Reagents System: Open reagent system. No cyanogen reagents. Provide original reagents.

Connection Port: USB, RS-232, network interface

Power: Maximum 150VA

Environment: Temperature 10℃-35℃. Relative humidity: 10%-90%

Power Supply: 220(1±10%)V, (50±1)Hz. 90V-260V, 50-60Hz broad range power available for different Countries

Dimension: 520mm×460mm×420mm   

Weight: 23Kg

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